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Year-Round Garden Planner


Handy tool for achieving a year-round harvest.

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This handy-dandy year-round garden planner will become indispensable once you’ve tried it.  It works for any region because of the pull-out format for picking your region’s first and last frost dates.  Once you’ve determined your frost dates, this guide will help you know when to seed, plant, transplant and harvest the most common vegetables.  It even has helpful hints like planting distance, row width and height, and heat warnings!

The Garden Planner comes with instructions just in case you need a little extra help figuring it out.  Once you understand the format, you’ll never go back to googling every time you want to plant something.

One side is for Fall, the other side is for Spring.  You’ll have more vegetables than you know what to do with if you follow this guide.