Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about the fundraiser.  If you have any questions that you don’t get answered here, please send us an email to fundraising@seattleseed.com

Are all of your products Certified Organic?

A: All of our seeds are 100% USDA Certified Organic.  Many of our other products are organic as well, though some are not USDA certified.  Our soaps, for example, are made with 85% organic ingredients are are USDA Certified, whereas our Herbal Steam Facial is made with all organic herbs but has not been USDA Certified.

Can I place more than one order and have one of them shipped to somebody else as a gift?

A: Absolutely.  We have many people that place Holiday orders through the fundraiser.  Make sure to include your school/organization code on all orders so they receive all of their money!

Do you ship at the end of the fundraiser, or when I place my order?

A: Some organizations request that we ship orders when they are placed, and other schools request that all orders go out once the fundraiser has closed.  Please check with your PTA/fundraiser organizer to learn more about the shipping schedule they requested.  You will receive a shipping notification when your order ships.