How it works




Step 1 – Submit Your Agreement

Simply have the necessary administrator sign our agreement form and return it with your desired timeline and which model you choose. We will then create your customized documents and online code (if applicable).


Step 2 – Set Your Goal

Set your desired target in order to communicate throughout the fundraiser how close you are to reaching it.  


Step 3 – Send out an Announcement

Email parents and/or participants with an introductory letter about your goal and why you’ve chosen this fundraiser. Give them a lot of notice.  Check the resources page for free downloads and examples.


Step 4 – Begin Planning

Create a team of people.

  • Someone able to send out upbeat reminder emails and posts on your social media accounts.
  • Someone to collect cash/checks if you choose the paper order form method.  
  • Finally, one person for your Seattle Seed Co. contact to update and communicate with.  

Make a timeline for everyone to follow.

Give parents/participants advance notice.



Step 5 – Work your fundraiser

Get your kids/parents/participants involved.  Give talking points on the gifts and cause before they begin selling.  

Send enthusiastic reminders to parents/participants as the fundraiser progresses.

Provide instructions for collecting paper order forms (if applicable).


Step 6 – Finish your fundraiser

Make an announcement to commemorate the end and whether you reached your goal.  If you didn’t remember there’s no limit to the number of times your school/organization/group participates.  Try, try, again!  Thank everyone who contributed and bought gifts on social media or via email, they’ll really appreciate it.  Finally, please email your Seattle Seed Co. contact, Becky any feedback your participants or administration might have.  



More Info on our 2 Models


We know that one size does not fit all, and so we offer two different ways to fundraise with Seattle Seed

Co. Choose between our more traditional Door-to-Door model, or the Click-and-Ship online model.



In the nostalgic spirit of yesteryear, the Door-to-Door model encourages participation through direct

fundraising sales.

  • Product lists and paper order forms are printed at your office.
  • Supporters choose from 6 different seed collections and 6 unique gifts (see attached pdf)
  • Participants personally solicit and record sales from friends, family and neighbors.
  • All orders are sent directly to the customer for a flat shipping rate of $5.

Organizations keep 50% of all sales, and send the other half to Seattle Seed Co.

This model requires significant organizational effort (collecting & compiling order forms) but usually has

a higher participation rate.



Inspired by the ease and simplicity of online shopping, Click-and-Ship encourages individual online

sales from supporters.

  • Supporters are directed to our Fundraising Page and check out with your unique code.
  • Orders are placed and paid for directly on our website.
  • Staff and volunteers promote the fundraiser through take-home cards, social media and email lists, etc.

We send organizations a check for 50% of all proceeds at the end of the

fundraiser, with a full report of sales provided.

This model is perfect for organizations with busy families and supporters who are comfortable shopping

online. Since we receive, pack and ship all orders, the only work required for the organization is

promoting the Fundraiser via all available outlets.

Just let us know which model is the best fit for your organization and we’ll get the materials out to you

right away! We look forward to supporting your fundraising efforts!

-The Team @ Seattle Seed Co.